about M.Edia

This is M.Edia.

M.edia - Creative media for you.

With the way the world is changing, the way we live our lives, the way we advertise needs to change too. We live our lives on the fly; constantly scrolling through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. That’s why the need for online content is at an all time high. Everything is fast paced, and we need content that keeps up with it but makes us stop.

Social media is how I fell in love with photography. I had gotten tired of taking low quality photos with my phone and wanted an upgrade, so I bought my first camera, a second hand Sony DSC-HX60. A few months later and I had purchased a Sony A6000, one of Sony’s Mirrorless Systems, and I started a Facebook page, “Kerry Photography”. Fast forward another year and I’ve upgraded to a Full Frame Sony Mirrorless system, a complete change in photography style, and a better social media presence than ever before.

Through this, I’ve met people from every walk of creative life, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of them. Meeting many more is something I keep in mind, for both the experience and the opportunity to learn and create.

What I want is that moment when someone is shown one of my photos, that moment when they stop and say “Woah”, that’s when I know I’ve made an impact. I want to give those new perspectives, those dynamic shots, that “in the moment” feeling. There’s a degree of pride in it, but the love for creating, for learning, and for getting better at every turn is why I keep taking photos and making videos! To know I can evoke powerful emotions with my own creative work, personal or otherwise, drives me forward and inspires me. How do I do this? Through camera work, to say the least.

I want to create visual content that stands out, that will bring attention to your product, event, business, whatever! But not just any visual content; truly unique work, with a personal angle and a style that can work for any intention. That’s what I want M.Edia to be; creative media for you.